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21 to 27 February 2016

21 to 27 February 2016


Letter from Hugh

On Tuesday I began door knocking again and spent a very hot Tuesday going down one side of Emmett Street.  Not surprisingly most of the people were not home but they nevertheless received the information in their letterbox with our church name on it.  Of course there was a most recent earthquake to talk about as well as the residual issues from the big quakes in the past.  A couple of people had recently moved into the area and had not experienced earthquakes before and were understandably shaken.  For one delightful Irishman, Sunday was his first earthquake, but he had been warned what to expect so he was fine.         Others were distressed and had treasures broken, but had been unable to afford insurance.  As usual there were a few with ongoing unresolved issues and one man living in a private rental home was frustrated that his landlord refused to make any repairs.  The street was a mixture of private homes with well maintained properties, along with private and state rentals in various stages of disrepair, with residents appearing to be living in similar stages of desperation.  However it should be noted that those who were fit and healthy would have been at work when we called.  All in all, the first day was good research of the mission needs of our neighbourhood.  At the time of writing I was due to go back to door knocking on Thursday, but I have excused myself from Wednesdays to be with our Bible Study group.

Returning to the office I met a young mother who had come armed with coins for the Koha to get some vegetables for the garden.  She had been introduced to the garden at our Spring Barbecue and obviously comes regularly.  She demonstrated the effectiveness of the garden in creating friends of St Albans Uniting and also highlighted the challenge we have to arrange events that encourage ongoing participation in maintaining and using the garden in the future.

Cashmere Parish Council met on Tuesday evening and it was great to hear the Rev Silvia Purdie’s enthusiasm to make the best of her one-year appointment.  It would seem the parish can look forward to some creative change.

As well as the Bible Study on Wednesday and a Presbytery Property and Finance meeting in the evening, we had our regular fortnightly meeting with the builders.  They are still reporting positive progress and it was great to get another walkthrough the building and see the gib-stoppers putting the final touches to the interior walls.  Concrete was being poured for steps and ramps, while painters were adding colour to the exterior.  There are plenty of people onsite and Simon Thomas is arranging a landscape plan to meet the council requirement for planting, so the whole process is racing towards completion.     Hugh Perry

Notices and News

Prayer Service

Read the notice on page 16 about a special commemorative service to remember the earthquake on 22 September 2011.

Parish Council

Meets on Wednesday, 24 February at 7.30 pm in the parish lounge.

Building report

Progress is being made, especially inside. Construction of steps and ramps and terraces is proceeding. The cross on top of the church was more of a ‘dummy-run’ than an attempt to put it in its final place, so no time has been lost there. It will be more visible from Innes Road than any part of the former building.

Chairs for the new church

The chairs for the new church will cost $90.00 each without arms and $105.00 with arms. You may like to consider making a donation for the purchase of a chair. If that appeals to you, make it through the usual offering during a Sunday service. It will be added to your overall offerings for the yearly tax receipt.

World Day of Prayer

Forty hours of prayer will begin around the globe on Friday, 4 March. An ecumenical service will be held at St Francis of Assisi Parish Church in Innes Road, commencing 10.30 am.

International Decades

The United Nations Organisation has declared many special days over the past few years. There are at present six current ‘international decades’ that observe some of the most important features of our striving towards a world of peace and equality.

2005—2015: the last completed decade was for “Water for Life.”

2006—2016 is for Chernobyl (the third decade after the disaster).

2008—2017 for the eradication of poverty.

2010—2020 for the fight against desertification.

2011—2020 for the eradication of colonialism.

2014—2024 for sustainable energy for all.

2015—2024 for people of African descent.

This month has a New Zealand flavour - ‘5+ a day challenge for all New Zealanders.’ Go to for more information.

Christchurch Methodist Mission

Studies for Lent

During Lent this year we are promoting the work of the Christchurch Methodist Mission. It is our social service arm and complements the work done by other churches. Without the services provided by the churches, many people with many different needs would miss out on help, support and love.

Government funded social services may be vaster in scope, but it is the smaller (though not all that small, either) that pick up the people who ‘fall between the cracks,’ or who just do not fit into the ‘pigeon holes’ of the state. For this, and many other reasons, CMM has asked parishes to support it over the Lenten period, by thinking about its work, the people it cares for, and above all, by keeping CMM in our prayers, not just for four weeks, but throughout the year.

Aratupu Pre-school and Nursery

This is the subject of consideration for the second week of Lent.

A reflection

How many of us would have the nerve to stand up in front of a crowd and say, "Don't do as I say. Do what I do! I am the good example you should follow." Yet we're forever saying, "Actions speak louder than words."

In this passage from Philippians Paul is saying we have our "citizenship" in a different world. It's true there is violence, poverty, and warfare in the world we live in. But instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of the world, let's focus on its many positives. To take it a step further, what would happen if we were proactive by living, breathing, proclaiming and encouraging a world of peace and generosity? Actions speak louder than words.

Aratupu Pre-School & Nursery provides a positive, life-giving space for children and their families. Many of the families at Aratupu are struggling with lack of income, poor housing and difficult relationships. Staff at Aratupu exemplify the notion of actions speaking louder than words. They work closely with the whole whanau so that the children can 'stand tall' and the parents can be the parents that they want to be.

Roster and Lectionary

21 February                 Rev Hugh Perry

M Steward                    Eleanor Monson

D Steward                      Bill Pearcy

Organist                         Diane Comyns

Communion                    Jennifer Delaney

                                          Bill Delaney

Morning Tea                   Raewyn Perry

                                         Margaret Angus

Reader                            Eleanor Monson

Genesis          15: 1-2, 17-18.

Psalm               27.

Philippians      3: 17—4: 1.

Luke                 13: 31—35.

28 February Rev Hugh Perry

M Steward                        Rev Bob Coates

D Steward                         David Monson

Organist                            Diane Comyns

Morning Tea                   Margaret Norton

                                           Eleanor Monson

Reader                             Pam Popenhagen

Isaiah                    55: 1—9.

Psalm                    63: 1—8.

1 Corinthians       10: 1—13.

Luke                       13: 1—9.


6 March                       Rev Hugh Perry

M Steward                   Bruce Baillie

D Steward                    Bruce Baillie

Organist                        Ann Millar

Morning Tea                   Averil Cullen

                                        Ellen Howard

Reader                          Bill Pearcy

Joshua                5: 9—12.

Psalm                   91: 1-2, 9-16.

Romans               10: 8b—13.

Luke                       4: 1—13.

13 March                      Rev Hugh Perry

M Steward                        Eleanor Monson

D Steward                         Bill Delaney

Organist                            Diane Comyns

Morning Tea                   Jennifer Delaney

                                           Heather Mace

Reader                               Rev Glenn Livingstone

Isaiah                   43: 16—21.

Psalm                   126.

Philippians           3: 4b—14.

John                        12: 1—8.


20 March                  Rev Hugh Perry

M Steward                  Bill Pearcy

D Steward                   David Monson

Organist                       Diane Comyns

Communion                Bruce Baillie

                                       Lindsay Evans

Morning Tea                Eleanor Monson

                                       Lindsay Evans

Reader                          Bruce Baillie

Psalm               118: 1-2; 19-29.

Luke                  19: 28—40


The only way to have a friend is to be one.       Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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