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28 February 2016 to 5 March 2016


Letter from Hugh

Back to door knocking again on Tuesday and it was great to be joined by Lindsay.  I called into the office on the way and caught up with Jody, but had to leave as the first Music and Movement people arrived.  However, when I returned at lunch time Liz told me that some new families had arrived and the small room was packed with 15 children.  The new people were keen to know when we were moving back into the church, so it is great that it is making an impact on the neighbourhood.  Folk are anticipating being part of it and well they might. The builders have been putting up the spouting, the outside of the building is painted and I saw that most of vinyl is down inside and there are tiles on the walls.  The plasterers have finished and the painting of the interior has begun.  Meanwhile the earthwork on the car park has begun while builders have been plastering the concrete steps and ramps.  All that was happening on Tuesday, so who knows how much more will be building news by Sunday morning. 

Wednesday was our first Parish Council meeting for the year and Liz and I had spent some time committing our tentative programme to a wall planner and the graphic representation of what we are anticipating looks reasonable impressive.  Probably our most ambitious idea is a midwinter dinner for our neighbourhood and now we have put it on our calendar, the hard planning takes a priority.  We have also noted that we are restarting Community Comment once the building opens, so some thought needs to go into who talks about what subject.  Our spring barbecue last year was relatively successful considering the space available and we intend to make this our major public event and abandon the fun day. 

The funding for the Fun Day is no longer available, but more importantly, the local ministers association is planning an early December combined twilight market in Malvern Park followed by a carol service, so we want to be part of that.  We will still have public recognition because each church will have its own tent or stall, but as a combined effort we will have a much greater public impact.  Now we have spent a lot of our money on the building we will have course have to put together a budget, including staff time, and apply for funding for all these projects.  That certainly adds an extra challenge to our mission.  Nevertheless for our new complex to achieve its potential these projects, and more, have to happen.  We set out to build a church to spread the Gospel of Christ not just a community facility to rent to the neighbourhood.                                                                                                                  Hugh Perry

Notices and News

Richard Samuels

Rick, the husband of Myra, died on Tuesday, 23 February 2016.

A service celebrating Rick’s life will be held in the Ferry Park Chapel at 297 Ferry Road, on Monday, 29 February at 2.oo pm. Please remember and uphold Myra in your prayers.

Women’s Fellowship

Tuesday, 1 March 2016 at 12 noon.   Susanne Trim will give her presentation on her trip to India.   All welcome.

Building report

Progress is being made, especially inside. Construction of steps and ramps and terraces is almost complete. A digger has been excavating the area where the car parking will go.

Once again it is more informative to have some pictures, as there is a lot of complete, or nearly complete, work inside. The way the first two months of the year have gone by leaves us with an increasing impatience to worship in the new church. We can at least see what we will have and the landscaping that will be done when the builders leave the site, ought to fire up our imaginations.

World Day of Prayer

Friday, 4 March 2016 at 10.30 am. St Francis of Assisi Parish Church, Innes Road.

Forty hours of prayer will begin around the globe  and we will join with others in an ecumenical service.

A Piece of Cake

19—20 March 2016. Knowing Your Neighbour.

We had this occasion last year. It is another opportunity to do something about meeting your neighbours, some of whom you may not know very well. The Christchurch Methodist Mission is a sponsor of the event and more information is available at the following website—

Christian World Service. An update on present events

Please read and share the February edition of CWS Update, available at the back of Studio 131.


CWS launched an appeal last Sunday for Fiji after Cyclone Winston caused widespread destruction. The category five storm affected most of the population. The death toll has reached 42 (as at last Thursday) and continues to rise. Many more have been injured and are traumatised by their experience. The Fijian Government reports more than 13,000 people are sheltering in evacuation centres.

With wind gusts of up to 325 kilometres an hour and waves over ten metres, the cyclone smashed homes and livelihoods as well as destroying vegetable gardens and crops on which families depended for food. Power, communications and vital infrastructure like ships and wharves have been destroyed.

CWS has now heard from partners who had lost power and communications. The Social Empowerment and Education Programme is planning its response. Its immediate focus is on isolated communities in the hilly interior of Viti Levu. It will assist with food, shelter and psychosocial programmes for children where it is most needed.

The Peoples Community Network, working in the informal settlements, is working out what needs to be done. Both groups are coordinating with local government, other community groups and churches. They worked with these communities before the disaster and will do so in the years ahead.

CWS is asking churches and people of faith to remember the people of Fiji in their prayers in the weeks and months ahead. (Source:

Fiji donations

There is a direct way of giving for the relief of Fiji at the Christian World Service website:

Donations to the Fiji Cyclone Appeal can be made:

· On line to the Fiji Cyclone Appeal and by direct deposit at—

· By Phone with a credit card: 0800 74 73 72.

· By Post to: CWS, PO Box 22652, Christchurch 8140.

News from the Parish Council

The Parish Council met on Wednesday, 24 February. It was the first meeting of 2016.

An extract from the minister’s  report on the building

Meetings with the architects and builders this year have given us an indication of the likely finish date and the time council has to sign off on the project.  This has led us to recommend the opening on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of May.  To ensure the availability of suitable dignitaries I have made contact with the Mayor, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, the President and Vice President of the Methodist Church, the Synod Superintendent, the moderator of Presbytery and Roz Wilkie to fulfil Methodist sensibilities about the bi-cultural journey.  At the time of writing all had responded except for the Methodist President and Vice President but the Rev David Bush has promised to follow this up when he meets with Tovia on Thursday, 18 February.  I have had a very constructive and helpful meeting with the Synod Superintendent, Kathryn Walters and she is going to join me in a meeting with Roz Wilkie on 7 March.  Roz has also asked to meet with the parish council in March.  My aim has been to meet our obligations to our denominational partners without offending either of them, demonstrating our mission to the wider community, but still giving time and space to celebrate in our own way, with our own people.  My vision is that we will have the opening ceremony with suitable prayer, blessing and civic recognition, on Saturday the 21st and our own celebration service on Sunday the 22nd and have asked the Assembly Moderator the Rev Andrew Norton to preach at that service.

On Wednesday we were given another walkthrough and it was great to see the interior nearing completion and new concrete steps almost finished.  The cross is due to be fitted this week.

An extract from the finance report

The new colour capable photocopier has now been installed in the church office.

We have had to install a replacement (second hand) electric range into Francis Avenue. One of the elements in the previous range had failed and there was significant corrosion under the hob. The cost of fixing/replacing all that was such that it made more sense to install a later model with a 12-month warranty. In terms of the new building, completion date is now about mid-March. We still have to arrange some landscaping to meet Code Compliance requirements, but are confident that we should be able to start using the building late April early May.

Other matters decided included: The Harvest Festival will be on 10 April.

We will hold our Tenebrae service on Thursday 24 March, Good Friday at 10am on the 25th and Easter Sunday Communion on at 10am on the 27th. Diane Comyns is available to play at all three services.

Discussion groups for the Presbyterian study book on Social Justice will be organised after May.

Community Garden signs will be made and erected next to the vegetables stating when they are ready for picking. There will also be an article in the bulletin once a month about the community garden.

Breakfast church started in February. The team is about to plan the first half of the year which is going to be more thematic, allowing for a longer lead in time We are going to invite some members of the traditional congregation to join in with breakfast church and start to get to know more of our families.  I will be inviting all our families to an afternoon gathering soon and will canvas with that some feedback on what we are doing and glean any further ideas.

Christian World Service and studies for Lent

During Lent this year we are promoting the work of the Christchurch Methodist Mission. It is our social service arm and complements the work done by other churches. Without the services provided by the churches, many people with many different needs would miss out on help, support and love.

CMM has asked parishes to support it over the Lenten period by thinking about its work, the people it cares for, and above all, by keeping CMM in our prayers, not just for four weeks, but for all the year.

On this, the third week in Lent the CMM asks us to reflect on community housing.

Many people, not just those who a desperately seeking their own home, either to rent or to buy, know well the depths of despair that may be felt when housing is talked about. New Zealand, where once we boasted about the half-acre paradise of home ownership, now know there are many people who will never have their own home. But nowhere is this despair more keenly felt than amongst those who must rent for the rest of the lives.

News from Global Mission

This is a department of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand that aims to involve people in the mission of the church. It defines itself thus:

PCANZ Global Mission - Why, Where, and How

The PCANZ affirms that it is called to work with others to make Jesus Christ known through the five faces of mission:

· Through proclamation of the gospel

· Through the nurture and teaching of people in the Christian faith

· Through response to human need in loving service

· Through seeking to transform society

· Through care for creation

Global Mind: A Theology of Mission - Called, Sent, Empowered. We believe that the Christian community is a people called by God to participate and share in God’s mission in this world – to be a humble, prophetic and celebratory sign, embodiment and hope-filled foretaste of life in the coming reign of God. It is a people sent by God in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to witness to, and to represent, the liberating, empowering, healing, and reconciling love of God wherever such is identified. It is a people empowered by God to embody in its own life the mystery of salvation.

Global Mission - Our Vision: To grow global followers of Jesus Christ

Global Hope – Our Outcome: Transforming the church through the activity of mission both globally and locally

The Global Mission Coordinator is Rev Phil King.

Email to phil [at] presbyterian [dot] org [dot] nz.).

There are some leaflets that give information about the various areas of mission at present, that include: Vanuatu, Myanmar and the Rice Bowl Mission (See:, the Church of North   India and the Spice of Life Mission. They are at the back of Studio 131.

In addition to the information given above, there is extensive information in the Global Mission website:

Donations for overseas projects and partners can be sent to Global Mission, PCANZ Assembly Office, P.O. Box 9049, Wellington, 6141.

Rosters and Lectionary

28 February                   Rev Hugh Perry

M Steward                        Rev Bob Coates

D Steward                         David Monson

Organist                            Diane Comyns

Morning Tea                   Margaret Norton

                                             Eleanor Monson

Reader                               Pam Popenhagen

Isaiah                              55: 1—9.

Psalm                              63: 1—8.

1 Corinthians                 10: 1—13.

Luke                                13: 1—9.


6 March                           Rev Hugh Perry

M Steward                        Bruce Baillie

D Steward                         Bruce Baillie

Organist                            Ann Millar

Morning Tea                   Averil Cullen

                                          Ellen Howard

Reader                               Rev Glenn Livingstone

Joshua                            5: 9—12.

Psalm                              91: 1-2, 9-16.

Romans                         10: 8b—13.

Luke                                4: 1—13.

13 March                     Rev Hugh Perry

M Steward                     Eleanor Monson

D Steward                       Bill Delaney

Organist                            Diane Comyns

Morning Tea                   Jennifer Delaney

                                             Heather Mace

Reader                               Bill Pearcy

Isaiah                              43: 16—21.

Psalm                              126.

Philippians                    3: 4b—14.

John                                12: 1—8.

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