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The parish came into being on Sunday, 28 April 1996. The Presbyterian and Methodist parishes of St Albans signed an agreement to become a uniting parish, “believing that the work of God in the areas at present served by the two parishes separately will be more effectively carried out by working together in co-operation and in the spirit of the Act of Commitment entered into by our partner churches.”

The Uniting Parish operates under the common provisions of “The Guide to procedures in Co-operative Ventures” approved by the supreme courts of the five negotiating churches.”

Change has been continuous since 1996 and we are now worshipping and working together on one site in Nancy Avenue. Dynamic (and recently) seismic forces have had a hand in our development, but our mission is unchanged: it begins in the place where we worship. Our mission as a Co-operating Parish is to preach Christ risen, in us, and working through us, to build Christian community in the place where we are.

In fulfilling our mission objectives we aim to be Christ in the community with no strings attached and welcome anyone into our fellowship who is willing to share that goal either as a partner in an allied project or as full participating members of the congregation. We have plans to upgrade our facilities in ways that can offer a focal point for the neighbourhood.

As well as making our facilities available to community groups, we promote and support activities that will benefit the people of the area. Our 10am worship is a mix of traditional Presbyterian and Methodist worship, based on an inclusive liberal theology and focused on an older age group.

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