The Men’s Shed

Where Men can "Do what men do"


  • To have a place to meet and work together,
  • To create a safe, supportive, caring and respectful environment for men
  • To create an active environment in which men can share their skills, talents and knowledge with others while fostering relationships.

About Men’s Shed

It can provide a place to work and companionship for men who have been involved in wood and metalwork activities, both as hobbies and employment in the past but, because of downsizing of accommodation or a growing need to work with others for safety and mobility issues, can no longer have access to a place to continue their interests.  But it is also open to any men looking for fellowship an d a space to work at their hobbies.


The Men’s shed at St Albans Uniting evolved from a partnership with Papanui High School’s Community Education department and they, along with parish and shed members, are represented on the oversight committee.  However the Day to day function of the shed is in the hands of its members who can work on projects as a group or work on their own projects.

So far there are three sessions per week, Monday 1pm – 4pm and Tuesday 1pm – 4pm and Saturday 10am – Noon.  there is room for other sessions but we need each group to include a qualified tradesperson to be part of any group for safety reasons.


Get in touch


Alan Nilson for the Monday Group 383 9538
Rex Marshall for Tuesday wood turners group 352 9538
John Boxall for Saturday morning group 352 0096

Bill Pearcy 027 411 99078 Chairperson
Barbara Roper 352 4860 Secretary
Bill Delaney 385 9828 Treasurer